Hall of Fame - Batting | St Davids Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11224826715113533381913122*Michael EnticottSt Davids2019/2020Twenty20 Rebel Sport Shield3 1Koonung Heights
2932561761511353325554493*Thomas J NaughtinSt Davids2019/2020C Grade5 1Doncaster
3727692071511353325749672Wen Bin LiewSt Davids2019/2020G Grade8 1Manningham
472482671511353321300872Michael EnticottSt Davids2019/2020Dorothy McIntosh Shield2 1Nunawading
5683268161511353321302268William KillenSt Davids2019/2020Dorothy McIntosh Shield5 1Doncaster
66011934851511353332189860*Reuben G NatsisSt Davids2019/2020Under 14 Fri B Grade (Blue)2 1Blackburn Black
7604057041511353321300660Liam KilgourSt Davids2019/2020Dorothy McIntosh Shield1 1Yarraleen CC
8577232171511353332179157*James J BurkeSt Davids2019/2020Under 16 B Friday4 1Bulleen Templestowe
95412035341511353321300654Luke J ShannonSt Davids2019/2020Dorothy McIntosh Shield1 1Yarraleen CC
10523542021511353321303352William FarrySt Davids2019/2020Dorothy McIntosh Shield8 1Park Orchards
11523591561511353325554452Gregory PellSt Davids2019/2020C Grade5 1Doncaster
1251482671511353321303351Michael EnticottSt Davids2019/2020Dorothy McIntosh Shield8 1Park Orchards
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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